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 Any comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments on how I'm playing Simon?

16: Recovery of Strength [Action]

[Simon has been training extra hard since he recovered from the wounds he received when he fought Aku. Today, as usual, he can be seen out at the barracks, thrashing a training dummy with his whip. He's really working hard, too. The dummy is starting to fall apart.]

15: Lies of the Whip [Written]

To the person who stole my possession: It is of no use to you. Return it immediately and there will be no repercussion. If you do not, I will spend every waking moment hunting you. Every minute of my time, every ounce of my strength will be spent seeking you out to reclaim what is mine and to deal out punishment.

14: Warning of Evil [Voice]

One of the New Feathers is a powerful demon named Aku. He was in the town square yesterday. I managed to chase him away, but I was wounded in the process. He is a shapeshifter and can use fire magic. If you encounter him, be careful. He is very dangerous.
[Music can be heard through the journals, and throughout the lower floors of Community House 5. It's Simon playing a violin. He's decided to start a string ensemble, and he's starting by learning to play the instrument himself. The problem is he won't stop playing. It's not that he's bad, but he keeps playing the same two or three pieces over and over again.]

12: Survey of Talents [Written]

[Simon has spent a few days studying, to make sure he asks about everything necessary, and now he's finally ready to take his survey. In truth, this isn't his strong area, but wants to do what he can to help, and despite his appearance, he can be quite an academic when he puts his mind to something.]

To the people of Luceti,

My name is Simon Belmont. On a request by Albert Silverberg, I would like to take a survey of the practical skills of the people here. Almost everything we need is provided for us, but that could change at any time. Therefore, I ask that you respond in detail, including your name, if you have any of the following skills:

The SurveyCollapse )

As a sign of good will, I will offer you my responses, first:

Simon'sCollapse )

11: Formation of Strategy [Voice]

May I speak with Caine, one of the Silverbergs, or someone else involved in organizing things in this town?

10: Wall of Mystery [Action]

[Seeing all the crowds in Luceti, Simon has decided to find a quiet place and is now taking a walk in the woods near the town.]

9: Knowledge of the Future [Voice]

Is there any way to tell which books in the library come from which world? I wish to learn about the future of my world.